Access an Elite Network of Talents

Engineers, Quality experts, Designers, Product managers And More

Extensive Network of Tunisian Tech Talent

At the heart of our operation lies a curated network of Tunisian tech professionals, each rigorously vetted for their expertise.

Boasting an average of 6+ years in the tech sector, our talent pool includes certified engineers, innovative designers, strategic product managers, and meticulous QA specialists.

These experts have contributed to over 100 successful projects globally, underlining our role as a trusted gateway to North Africa’s top tech talent.

From AI to mobile app development, our professionals are the hidden engine behind numerous tech breakthroughs.

Specializing in Startups at Seed and Series A Level

Startups are the lifeblood of innovation, and we are their ally. Specializing in the high-energy world of seed and Series A startups, we have empowered multiple fledgling companies to ramp up their operations with the right tech talent.

Our candidates have a proven track record of accelerating project timelines by 40%, ensuring that your MVP moves from concept to launch rapidly.

By partnering with us, startups gain access to a talent pool that understands the agility and versatility required to thrive in the startup ecosystem.

Streamlined Talent Matching and Placement Process

Our placement process is a blend of science and intuition. Utilizing advanced matching algorithms complemented by human insight.

Our dedicated account managers work closely with clients to understand their culture and needs, ensuring a bespoke talent match.

From initial contact to final onboarding, our process is designed to be transparent and efficient, often completing the cycle within two weeks.

Transparent Monthly Pricing Model

Investing in talent shouldn’t be a leap in the dark.

Our transparent monthly pricing is designed around your budget, with no hidden costs. We offer a flat fee that covers everything:

  • The talent’s salary + Benefits
  • All employment-related expenses
  • Our service fee

This model has saved our clients an average of 60% on their tech hiring costs, maximizing ROI without sacrificing quality.

Our clients appreciate the predictability and simplicity, which allows them to plan their finances with confidence.

Unique Blend of Local Expertise and International Experience

What truly sets us apart is our synergy of local Tunisian talent with international standards of excellence. Our founders’ 15+ years of experience in the European tech and recruitment industry have infused a global perspective into our local operations.

This dual approach has resulted in a customer satisfaction and testaments to our ability to meet diverse client needs.

We are not just a hiring agency; we are culture builders, trendsetters, and innovation drivers in the tech talent domain.

Commitment to International Legal and Ethical Standards

Our agency stands as your steadfast guide. We employ each talent directly, offering their services to you through a crystal-clear consultancy contract.

This means you gain the expertise of top-tier tech professionals without the legal complexities of direct employment. Our in-house legal experts meticulously craft and manage every contract to align with international labor standards, freeing you from the intricacies of employment law.

You can focus on innovation and growth, assured that the legalities of talent engagement are managed, compliant, and entirely without risk. This is our guarantee: a compliant, transparent contract with each placement, protecting your interests and providing peace of mind.

Transformative Talent for Trailblazing Startups 

Top talents only

The network is invite only. Ony the best receives an invitation. We focus on AI/DATA, Fin-Tech, Health-Tech and E-Com and Log-Tech specialties

Swift integration

We ensure a quick and seamless onboarding process for rapid project deployment.


Get affordable access to top-tier tech professionals tailored for your needs.

Compliancy not Complexity

We handle all legal and compliance aspects, so startups can focus on innovation and growth.

Reach Your Product Market Fit Faster with our Proven Methods 


Add expertly vetted skills to build faster and more effectively when you have a team but you urgently need specialized expertise to speed up your projects or to add improve specific aspects of your delivery.


Unlock your potential by adding a complete team tailored to your needs, and capable to launch new features or products, functioning as a self-managed unit focused on realising your vision.